For kitchen knives

At NUNEZ HANDLES we manufacture milled handles in all types of shapes and sizes for applications in classic and modern kitchen knives.

We can manufacture any design at the request of the client in a variety of materials, natural woods and pakawood, as well as combinations of aluminium and wood. Please enquire!

For kitchen utensils and kitchenware

Manufacturing handles for flatware and kitchen utensils in a wide variety of materials and shapes.

Possessing the highest quality standards, our cooking handles are tested for food use and dishwasher resistance.. 

Designing and manufacturing customised ad-hoc handles for the client. Please enquire!

Para cuchillos deportivos y navajas

VIUDA DE JULIÁN NÚÑEZ produce mangos para navajas y cuchillos deportivos desde hace más de 60 años.

El desarrollo de nuestra empresa y los avances tecnológicos aplicados para crear y producir miles de tipos de mangos han ido de la mano del desarrollo de la industria cuchillera.

Fabricamos mangos únicos a medida, en materiales tan novedosos como el G10, Fibra de CARBONO, KRION ®o JUMA®