A composite of 66% natural minerals (Alumina Trihydrate (ATH)) and 33% high strength resins.

KRION® is visually similar to natural stone and is worked in a similar manner as wood.

It is characterised for being a material which is:

  • non-porous
  • insulating
  • high strength
  • resistant to impact, solar radiation and extreme weather conditions
  • durability
  • low weight
  • low thermal conductivity
  • low maintenance and easy to clean
  • eco-friendly and recyclable


Elegant and lightweight, it is a polymer obtained from fine strands of carbon.

Generally used for the manufacture of professional and sports knife handles.

  • great durability
  • high flexibility
  • high strength (5 times stronger than steel)
  • increased resistance to corrosion, humidity and heat
  • very lightweight
  • high temperature tolerance
  • low thermal expansion



The G-10 is an extremely innovative material, which is manufactured from fibreglass fabric, which is impregnated with epoxy resin and then pressed.

Generally used in high-end knives, having excellent technical features:

  • hard
  • resistant to heat and humidity
  • thermal and electrical insulation
  • lightweight
  • dimensional stability
  • easy handling
  • Heat- resistant: over 200ºC
  • Density: 1.7-1.9 g/cm3


Composite is a material composed of natural wood fibres and polymer, which is why its aesthetic appearance is like wood but the polymeric base imbues increased resistance and durability than natural wood.

  • Lightweight
  • increased resistance to corrosion, humidity and heat
  • highly durability material
  • non-slip
  • Multi-purpose: can be manufactured in various formats and colours
  • Stable
  • Eco-friendly


An extremely innovative material, which is characterised by its extraordinary similarity to natural ivory, which imbues a unique look and feel.

Possessing excellent technical and mechanical properties, this material is manufactured from a composite of various minerals and resin suita-ble for contact with food.

Available in a wide range of colours and designs..

  • Excellent machinability such as drilling, milling, grinding and polishing.
  • Reduced risk of breakage and high elasticity.
  • High quality surface: high surface hardness and low abrasion losses.
  • Single optics: Excellent similarity with natural ivory, its “lines” and grains.
  • Touch: Very pleasant and warm haptic touch thanks to its high natural mineral content.


Polyoxymethylene (POM) is also known as polyacetal or acetal, is a thermoplastic, semi-crystalline high hardness and strength material, excel-lent results in dishwasher use, even industrial and with multiple uses.

From among its properties:

  • Undeformable at high temperatures (-40º to 150ºC)
  • Low wear and tear (breakage and ageing)
  • Good elasticity
  • reduced water absorption
  • mpact and rigid
  • Resistant to diluted acids, cleaning products and solvents
  • Very good electrical insulation

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